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We have been associated with Gurgaon property since 1995 when Gurgaon occupied less than 5% of today’s area with Maruti and MDI Gurgaon as the two main organizations known to people across India. However, at that time, astute investors were accumulating barren-looking land at attractive prices and we were still young to understand the long term potential of land in Gurgaon. Those land prices have increased 500-1000 times in the last 15 years. first experience with Gurgaon property investment was a 1-acre farm house that cost Rs 6 lakh in 1995, which is worth about Rs 50 crore today. It may well be worth Rs 60 crore by 2015, making it 1000 times gain in 20 years. No other property investment has come close to it and I am not sure if today’s investments will match such returns, but we can’t expect 1000 times gain on every investment! Like most investors, we are very happy with 3-5 times gain 10 years, and Gurgaon still has many such opportunities, and you can benefit from them.

Is there potential for further appreciation? Yes, if we take a 10 year view because the global economy has to do well for foreign capital flows to move into the Indian real estate, which can take the current Gurgaon property prices to the next level. Based on our understanding, most of the land blocks in Gurgaon are held by investors with deep pockets and hence the land prices will remain strong.

Today Gurgaon is among the top choices for real estate investment in India and the demand is constantly keeping up with the new supply. NRIs from across the world are investing in Gurgaon properties because of high growth rates, job opportunities and potential for appreciation.

We have the following properties for sale in Gurgaon:
* Land — from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 25 crore
* Flats/Apartments — from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 5 crore
* Commercial Property — from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 10 crore

Notes from experience:
* Land will give the best appreciation if you can hold for 5-10 years.
* Flats/Apartments are most liquid and therefore easiest to buy and sell.
* Commercial Property has better rental yield and will appreciate well. has been one of the strongest real estate markets in India and is attracting worldwide attention because its commercial prominence, location advantage and increasing wealth make it favourable for investment. Gurgaon is experiencing sustained growth because it is the preferred destination for multinational companies in India, with world-class office spaces, international airport and proximity to Delhi being the main reasons that are creating job opportunities, leading to high demand for Gurgaon real estate, both for property sale and lease/rental.

We are property investors and we also offer consulting service to other investors who want to invest in Gurgaon. We also work with a few selected property developers or agents to share their properties through our website.

Here are some current opportunities:

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