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20-30% Return

If you are looking for 20-30% annual return, we have suitable opportunities available in our network. Minimum Rs 25 lakh, Maximum Rs 25 cr. Open to all investors, including NRI and Foreign Nationals. For more details, please contact us.

Online Marketing Service for Property Dealers

Hello and Welcome. If you are in the real estate business in India, you would be seeing some slowdown in the last 1-2 years, and definite slowdown since Nov 2016 after demonetization. Buyers are few and there is a large inventory of unsold homes in all major markets. Anybody who needs to exit his property has to take whatever discounted price the market is willing to give. There is also a fear of further crack down on the real estate sector once the Govt goes after benami properties.

However, there are many genuine buyers who see value at current rates, and are stepping in to  buy flats, plots and other real estate. Most of them are searching either through their family network, or using Internet search.

Our website ( was started in year 2007, and over last 10 years, this has developed into a quality website that ranks in the top of Google search results for many queries.  Our website has been shared widely in the NRI forums, which generates ongoing stream of visitors and inquiries.

Our website gets serious visitors – both from India and NRIs – they are a combination of real estate investors and real estate buyers/end-users. Therefore, if you want to sell your property, you can benefit by advertising on this website. There is demand for all kinds of properties. For example, in the recent months, we have received inquiries for the following types of properties:

  • Residential Apartments (in Metros and Tier1/2/3 cities),
  • Land Plots across India (especially in approved layouts)
  • Urban/Industrial Land (0.5 acre to 500 acres)
  • Farm Lands and Farm Houses
  • Fruit Orchards and Tea/Coffee Plantations.

Limited Opportunity for: Property Dealers/Brokers/Developers

You can advertise multiple properties by providing all necessary details including photos.

Description of our marketing service:

  1. We will create a detailed page on our website for each Property Dealer/Broker/Developer who wants to use our marketing services.
  2. This detailed main page will be created carefully to address all the search queries and inquiries related to your area of expertise and type of properties you deal in.
  3. Then we will do online marketing, including online press releases, and social media marketing on Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Google+, to maximize the visibility of your main page and properties listed in it.
  4. In addition, for each property available with you, we will create a separate post, and we will do online marketing for it. Each such post will also be linked on your detailed main page. You will have credit for 20 posts/listings per year.

Inputs Required from You: You have to give us the property details and various details about the area of your expertise, and share your knowledge about the price trends, reasons for investing in properties available through you. Once we get the details from you, then you leave the rest to us. The more details you give, the better results we can get for you!

Example: Here is the main page of one property dealer.

This is the main page for a specific property dealer. There are about 75 inquiries as of now.

You will have a similar main page describing the full range of properties available from you, and your knowledge of the areas you deal in.

We will help you showcase your expertise in the location/city/state that you are representing. That will help in generating inquiries on your main page. Your main page will become a very valuable online asset for you for next 1 year. We will create it in such a way.

In addition to your main page covering all your properties and knowledge about the areas you deal in, we will also create separate posts describing individual properties.

For example, if you 5 different properties for sale in Delhi NCR, then we will create 5 separate posts like these, and all of them will also link to your main page on our site:

  • 1 Acre plot for sale in Sainik Farm, New Delhi
  • 2BHK DDA Flat for sale in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • 3 BHK Flat for sale in Greater Noida
  • 2 BHK Flat for sale in Dwarka, New Delhi
  • 2 Acre farm house for sale near Gurgaon

Please Note:  We will work with max 100 property dealers/developers cross India.  With each online marketing project, the value of our website increases further. So the people who work with us today deserve more credit than the people who will work with us in future after the site gains more value –  similar to how commercial real estate rentals.

We will work with only 1-2 property dealers in each location/region. We can not (and should not) work with all property dealers in a given location otherwise we can’t provide specific advantage to any of them.

Fee (current rate): Rs 50,000 for 1 year (as of now).  This will give you credit for 20 posts/property listings in 1 year under this package (or Rs 2500 per post compared to Rs 3600 per post given to individual property owners). Additional properties can be posted at Rs 2500 per listing. The value of your main page will be much higher because it is likely to produce more inquires (as shown in the above example page). Therefore, Rs 50,000 is very nominal fee for the benefits it can give you.

Fee Structure: We have created a tiered fee structure for our marketing service.

  • First 25 property dealers: Rs 50,000 for 1 year
  • Next 25 property dealers: Rs 65,000 for 1 year
  • Next 25 property dealers: Rs 75,000 for 1 year
  • Final 25 property dealers: Rs 95,000 for 1 year

The above fees can be locked for 2 years because the online marketing effort done in year 1 will continue to bring results in year 2 also. In fact, year 2 is likely to produce more inquiries for you because your main page will be well-established by then for the chosen keywords related to your area.

Please Note: Once 100 property dealers across India have signed up, we will not offer this service anymore. As per our analysis, if we work with 100 property dealers/developers across India, we will have to do marketing for property worth Rs 5000 cr per year. That is sizeable volume and our focus is on marketing operations/execution. We don’t want to be a property listing website where anybody can post anything. We want to work with limited set of people with high level of engagement. So the seats are limited. If you are interested, please contact us soon. Thanks.

To get started, please contact us or send email to: info @

Next Step: We will speak on phone to understand your background and expertise, the properties available for sale with you, which will help us create the online marketing strategy for your properties. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Best Wishes,

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