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20-30% Return

If you are looking for 20-30% annual return, we have suitable opportunities available in our network. Minimum Rs 25 lakh, Maximum Rs 25 cr. Open to all investors, including NRI and Foreign Nationals. For more details, please contact us.

Mumbai Property Market Update – April2015

Is Mumbai real estate market in a bubble? I am not sure. It is true that prices have not corrected as much as people were expecting but at most places, rates have come down by 10-20%, and genuine buyers could get further discounts by developers who are keen to get cashflows. Rapid digitization has made […]

Indian Real Estate Boom Continues in 2008

A recent article in the Financial Express reported that Real estate developers fear 30% to 50% increase in prices as well as demand for property in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Chennai and Bangalore, compared with the ongoing steady demand and prices in Delhi and the NCR region from March 2008 onwards. According to Abhinandan Lodha, director, […]